Another Summer Internship Success!

Scandrill’s Summer Internship Program has another success story!

Each summer Scandrill offers intern positions, as a part of our ESG program, giving college students a chance to enhance their knowledge and expand their horizons in the oil and gas industry.

Dear Scandrill Team,

I had the pleasure of working on the Scan Quest drilling rig. This is an experience that I will forever be grateful for and, I see it now as one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. The people of Scandrill were inviting and open to having me, a student of little practical knowledge, to learn the processes and application of many of the engineering principles that I had learned in the classroom. From the first day I made it to the rig, all of my multitude of questions were answered by one of the many experienced crew members, all of whom were encouraging of my questioning attitude and were willing to go out of their way to invest in my future by providing knowledge in this hands on experience. Every person I met at the rig was excited to hear of my ambitions in the future and could see the value that they were providing to me as an engineer and problem solver.

While the work is rigorous, each day I was able to wake up knowing that there would be another opportunity for me to learn and grow the knowledge base which I had begun in school. There simply is no substitute for working with one’s hands. Whether it be in simple maintenance of machinery or the different drilling operations which are necessary for the completion of a well, I do not think there is another experience out there which could have better allowed me to touch and work with equipment on a daily basis. This equipment was the product of a multitude of engineers who have come before me, allowing me to see the ways that they made decisions to make the drilling process more efficient and effective.

Scandrill allowed me to learn and grow beyond what I could have ever imagined that might be learned in a summer. I was able to see the ups and downs of drilling operations, the decision making processes on a drilling rig, and the processes by which those in charge can ensure a safe and effective working environment. I will take all of this knowledge with me no matter what field it is I pursue, and I thank Scandrill for this opportunity.


West Virginia University
Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2024


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