SCANDRILL, INC To Release Hybrid “Green” Rig

HOUSTON, January 9, 2020 — SCANDRILL, INC. announces that the company will release its 8th high-specification, energy efficient hybrid rig, the SCAN LEGACY, to begin work in Oklahoma for ExxonMobil/XTO Energy in February 2020.

The SCAN LEGACY is the company’s 8TH high-specification Norseman II™ Series hybrid rig, which was designed with the latest technology to exceed customer demands and is capable of drilling wells in excess of 30,000’ feet.  This rig has been outfitted with automated, energy efficient equipment designed to drill long lateral lengths from multi-well pads.

“Not only are onshore rigs becoming ‘smarter’ and more automated, they are becoming more environmentally-friendly, energy efficient, and energy independent. Our company is excited to commission our first hybrid “green” onshore drilling rig, the SCAN LEGACY, which will draw power from both dual fuel gas and diesel engines and from renewable-friendly battery storage technology.  The rig will be the first in the area to use the Caterpillar ESS ‘smart’ engine and battery storage system,” said Paul Mosvold, SCANDRILL’s President and COO.

Specifically, the SCAN LEGACYa 2000-HP AC-powered rig, has been outfitted with the latest equipment from key vendors.  Equipment featured on this rig includes:

  • An OWI AC 2000-HP drawworks package
  • An OWI multi-directional StealthWalker walking system for multi-well pad drilling
  • Four Caterpillar engines with Dual Gas Blending Systems
  • A Caterpillar renewable battery Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Three 2200-HP mud pumps with 7500 PSI fluid ends
  • Forum FH-80 ‘Iron Roughneck’ – automated pipe handling system
  • Canrig PC3000 Hydraulic Catwalk
  • NOV TDS-11 High Torque 500-ton top drive


SCANDRILL, INC. is celebrating its 42nd year in business.  Since 1977, the company has provided land contract drilling services to independent and major oil and gas exploration companies.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with operational offices in Tyler, Odessa and Yukon, the company’s 31 rigs are drilling in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

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